Build Chatbots with Watson Assistant

How to earn this badge

Why earn this badge?

This badge is an IBM issued and IBM recognized badge that attests the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • Understand how Watson Assistant learns to understand the intent (or purpose) and entities (clarifying context) expressed by a user as the user interacts with a chatbot in natural language
  • Build progressively more complex conversational flows by using features such as conditions, context, and expressions
  • Integrate external services into a chatbot; specifically, the Weather Company Data service to provide the weather at each national park
  • Interact with Watson programmatically by using the Watson Developer Cloud SDK for Node.js
The badge holder has created a chatbot that simulates a simple conversation about national parks. To do this, they used the Watson Assistant service, the Weather Company Data service, IBM Cloud, and Node.js. The chatbot learns to understand questions and commands about US national and the weather. For example, the chatbot responds to inputs like “What types of animals live in Denali national park?”, “Tell me the weather at Zion”, and more.

What’s next?

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