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Hadoop Fundamentals

Are you interested in moving beyond the elephant in the room and understanding Hadoop as a foundational tool set in your future? Then select this learning path to gain exposure to the tools used in Big Data, Hadoop's core components and supporting open source projects.

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Hadoop is a name that represents two items, one a child’s toy and the other an open source framework for distributed storage and processing of big data. In both contexts, interaction with Hadoop is foundational in personal growth and development.  This learning path covers content that is critical to your success in this realm. It takes you on a journey that explains the Hadoop conceptual design, then it looks how to use the application and then manipulate data without the use of complex coding.

Come along and start your journey to receiving the following badges: Hadoop Foundations – Level 1Hadoop Programming – Level 1Hadoop Administration – Level 1Hadoop Data Access – Level 1, and Hadoop Foundations – Level 2!

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Hadoop Foundations - Level 2

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Hadoop Fundamentals Courses
  • MapReduce and YARN
    Beginner Course Big Data

    MapReduce and YARN

    String together your understanding of Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN) by gaining exposure to MapReduce1, the tool-sets that start the processing of Big Data.

    (125 Reviews)
    2.61k+ Enrolled
    4 Hours
  • Hadoop 101
    Beginner Course Big Data

    Hadoop 101

    This beginner Apache Hadoop course introduces you to Big Data concepts, and teaches you how to perform distributed processing of large data sets with Hadoop.

    (1.9k+ Reviews)
    18.5k+ Enrolled
    20 Hours
  • Moving Data into Hadoop

    Moving Data into Hadoop

    This course describes techniques for moving data into Hadoop. There are a variety of ways to get data into Hadoop from simple Hadoop shell commands to more sophisticated processes. Several techniques are presented but three, Sqoop, Flume, and Data Click are covered in greater detail.

    28.5k+ Enrolled
    4 Hours
  • Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive
    Intermediate Course Big Data

    Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive

    Hive is a data warehousing tool built on top of Hadoop. Learn how to easily query and analyze your Big Data projects with this course on Apache Hive.

    (123 Reviews)
    2.68k+ Enrolled
    4 Hours

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