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How to Build Watson AI & Swift APIs and Make Money

Expose your cool Swift microservices to the world and build a platform to monetize those APIs. By using server-side Swift and your mobile apps, you'll also learn to be a better full-stack developer.

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About this course

This course shows you how to expand your knowledge and skills from mobile development into full-stack development with the server-side component. You'll also learn how to monetize your APIs.

Using server-side logic with your client applications has several benefits:

  • Decreases the complexity of the mobile client application
  • Ability to manage multiple devices and share data among them

You can also turn that server-side functionality into an API so that other applications and users can access your application. The server-side functionality wrapped in API becomes the microservice that you can open to others and bill them for using it. You'll use IBM API Connect to offer your API to others.

This course shows you how easy it is to bring your skills in iOS environment and Swift to the server-side using Swift with the IBM Kitura web server.


You should already have experience programming in Swift. This course does not teach you how to use Swift. Instead, the focus is on server-side programming with Swift.

The labs in this course require the Mac OS. Windows is not supported.

You need an IBM Cloud account.

You must also have or install the following software:

  • Mac OS Sierra 10.12 or later
  • Swift 4.1 or later
  • Kitura
  • Xcode 9.1 or later
  • Xcode CLI
  • Homebrew
  • IBM Cloud command-line interface (latest version): you'll be shown how to install this in Lab 1

What will I get after passing this course?

  • You will receive a completion certificate.

Course syllabus

  • Lab 1: Run server-side Swift locally and on the cloud
    • Lab 1 overview
    • Kitura
    • Run server-side Swift locally
    • Run server-side Swift in IBM Cloud
  • Lab 2: Build an iOS app to consume server-side Swift based on IBM Kitura
    • Lab 2 overview
    • Connecting to server-side functionality
    • Create an iOS application to display a list of news articles
    • Access the Kitura back end
  • Lab 3: Monetize your app with IBM API Connect
    • Lab 3 overview
    • IBM API Connect
    • Provision IBM API Connect
    • Connect from the iOS App to IBM API Connect
    • Access the API from the API Connect portal
  • Final exam

Course instructors

Marek Sadowski

Marek Sadowski

Marek Sadowski is a full stack developer advocate, a robotics startup founder, and an entrepreneur. He has 20 years of experience in consulting large enterprises in USA, Japan, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. As a graduate from the International Space University, Marek pioneered in a research on VR goggles for the virtual reality system to control robots on Mars in NASA Ames. He founded a startup to deliver robotics solutions and services for industries. Marek moved to Silicon Valley to promote IoT and robotics solutions driven by AI and IBM Cloud.

Lennart Frantzell

Lennart Frantzell

Lennart works with blockchain, machine learning, and IBM Cloud. A Silicon Valley veteran, he is in love with Swift and Python and loves building and hacking anything on the cloud. He speaks at meetups, holds Workshops and on weekends, to avoid doing yardwork at his bungalow in Silicon Valley, attends hackathons.

Course staff

Michelle Carey

Michelle Carey

IBM Courseware Developer

Cesar Cantua

Cesar Cantua

IBM Courseware Developer

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