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Getting started with Open Liberty

Learn how to develop a Java application on Open Liberty with Maven and Docker.

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Guided Project

Open Liberty

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At a Glance

Learn how to develop a Java application on Open Liberty with Maven and Docker.

Open Liberty is an open application framework designed for the cloud. It’s small, lightweight, and designed with modern cloud-native application development in mind. It supports the full MicroProfile and Jakarta EE APIs and is composable, meaning that you can use only the features that you need.

Maven is an automation build tool that provides an efficient way to develop Java applications. Using Maven, you will build a simple microservice, called system, that collects basic system properties from your laptop and displays them on an endpoint that you can access in your web browser.

What you'll learn

You will learn how to run and update a simple REST microservice on Open Liberty. You will use Maven to build and deploy the microservice as well as to interact with the running Liberty instance.

You'll also explore how to package your application with Open Liberty so that it can be deployed anywhere in one go. You will then make Liberty configuration and code changes and see how they are immediately picked up by a running instance.

Finally, you will package the application along with the server configuration into a Docker image and run that image as a container.

What You’ll Need  

Just a web browser!  Everything else is provided to you via the IBM Skills Network Labs environment.

Created by 

The Open Liberty Project team

Estimated Effort

25 Minutes



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August 17, 2021

Last Updated

September 23, 2021

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