Reactive Architecture: Building Scalable Systems

How to earn this badge

This badge is earned after successfully completing all course activities and passing the test of the following Cognitive Class course:

Reactive Architecture: Building Scalable Systems

Building Reactive Systems requires a balance between Consistency and Availability. This course will explain why that balance exists. We will discuss the CAP theorem as well as the Laws of Scalability that dictate what is possible to achieve when we build distributed systems. We will also introduce some techniques we can use to strike the right balance. All of this will be grounded in a discussion which starts first in the real world.

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Why earn this badge?

This badge attests that the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • Course: Successful completion of the "Reactive Architecture: Building Scalable Systems"
  • Demonstration: Apply knowledge learned within the course to analyze a series of case studies.
  • Assessment: Pass several quizzes, and the final exam to show knowledge of Reactive Architecture, and why it is important.

What’s next?

The badge earner has demonstrated an understanding of the challenges of building distributed systems. They know the impact of Amdahl's Law and Gunther's Universal Scalability Law on a distributed system. They know the consequences of the CAP Theorem and how they can apply techniques such as sharding or conflict-free replicated data types to balance between consistency and availability.
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