Introduction to Machine Learning with Sound

How to earn this badge

This badge is earned after successfully completing all course activities and passing the test of the following Cognitive Class course:

Introduction to Machine Learning with Sound 

Get hands-on experience creating and training machine learning models so that you can predict what animal is making a specific sound, like a cat purring, a dog barking, or a bird singing. Integrate those models in a simple web page that you build in Node-RED. Then, add visual recognition so that you can identify the image of an animal.

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Why earn this badge?

Earners of this badge know how to prepare data so that it can be consumed by machine learning models by using IBM Watson Studio, build a binary classification model that can predict which animal is making a sound, build a multiclass classification model to detect whether a birdsong is from a bird from a specific order, make predictions on audio files by using a Node-RED app, and create a UI in Node-RED and integrate the Watson Visual Recognition service to identify images of animals.

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