Cognitive Class is a recognized source of top-quality courses on topics including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, big data, analytics, and databases. Our platform is being utilized by hundreds of thousands students and professionals, including employees of most Fortune 500 companies.

We are now making private instances of Cognitive Class available for use by teams, departments, small businesses, large enterprises, academic institutions, and training providers…


Get Your Own Instance of Cognitive Class

  • Leverage our learning platform, top notch courses, and content
  • Create custom learning paths tailored for your training needs
  • Create and add your own courses to meet the unique needs of your users
  • Utilize our lab environment to deliver hands-on learning
  • Track your users’ learning progress with dashboards and reports
  • Control who has access to your private deployment of Cognitive Class
  • Run in-house competitions to crowd source solutions from your own employees

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