Principles of Reactive Architecture

How to earn this badge

This badge is earned after successfully completing all course activities and passing the test of the following Cognitive Class course:

Reactive Architecture: Introduction to Reactive Systems

Reactive Architecture grew out of a need for software to remain responsive when presented with the unique challenges of the modern world. This course will introduce you to the principles that drive the movement towards Reactive Systems. It will help you to understand why Reactive Architecture is important, and how it can help you build responsive software.

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Why earn this badge?

This badge attests that the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • Course: Successful completion of the "Reactive Architecture: Introduction to Reactive Systems"
  • Demonstration: Apply knowledge learned within the course to analyze a series of case studies.
  • Assessment: Pass several quizzes, and the final exam to show knowledge of Reactive Architecture, and why it is important.

What’s next?

The badge holder has demonstrated an understanding of Reactive Principles and why Reactive Architecture is important. They understand the difference between Reactive Architecture and Reactive Programming. Finally, they know why The Actor Model is important to Reactive Systems.
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