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Node-RED: basics to bots

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    April 5, 2018
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About This Course

Get hands-on experience and learn how to convert speech to text, analyze tone, translate text into different languages, send tweets through Twitter, add audio and video capabilities, and set up a chat bot using the IBM Watson Assistant (formerly Conversation) service and Facebook Messenger. And you don't even need any programming experience!

Node-RED, which is built on Node.js, is a browser-based flow editor that makes it easy to wire together devices, APIs, and online services by simply dragging and dropping nodes on a palette. You then connect, or wire, the nodes to create flows that can be then deployed to the lightweight Node.js runtime with a single click.


No programming experience is required for this course. You will work with basic HTML and JavaScript, but the course labs will provide that code.

You'll need the following accounts:

This course includes four labs. Each lab has a short video introduction, the lab instructions, and lastly a solution video. Watch the solution videos if you have a problem completing the lab or want to check your work. The solution video shows the steps required to complete the lab.

Important: If you have an IBM Cloud Lite account, you will only be able to create one Cloud Foundry application. This is enough to complete this course, but if you are already using an application, then you might need to upgrade your account

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Course Staff

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Soheel Chughtai

Early Program Manager, Watson Developer Cloud
IBM Systems

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Emma Dawson

Early Program Manager
IBM Systems