We’re commiting to this in a big way


We are pledging to empower and educate over
one million people worldwide on the UN Global Goals and Big Data

365 days

We are devoted to do this in under a year.
We believe everyone needs to act quickly for a better planet now and for the future.



What are the UN Goals?

The world’s collaborative to-do list for the next 15 years. The global goals address social, economic, environmental and climate challenges in a comprehensive, integrated way. The goals are about more than words: they are about concrete action. By together tackling the global goals, we can be the first generation to end extreme poverty, the most determined generation to fight inequality, and the last generation to address climate change.

How is Cognitive Class helping the UN goals?

Our first concrete step to help with the UN goals is by sponsoring the development of a Data Science course for High Schools. In partnership with Fireside Analytics, Blyth Academy, and Virtual High School (Goal 17), we are democratizing access to Data Science education by delivering quality content (Goal 4). Access to this kind of education will reduce inequalities (Goal 10), and will eventually provide the pipeline of skilled individual in data science that is so much needed to propel economic growth and jobs (Goal 8).

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