BDS:BDA Learning Portal

Big Data Space Learning Portal for Big Data Analytics

Big Data Space (BDS) is pleased to offer the Big Data Analytics (BDA) portal through Cognitive Class, an IBM led initiative. Utilize this learning portal to learn about various topics in Big Data Analytics and take online courses at your own pace and at no charge. We hope you will enjoy the learning experience, and share the experience with others who are also interested in BDA.

1. Big Data Fundamentals

Are you interested in understanding 'Big Data' beyond the terms used in headlines? Then select this learning path as an introduction to tools like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark Frameworks, which enable data to be analyzed on mass, and start the journey towards your headline discovery.

2. Data Science Fundamentals

When a butterfly flaps its wings what happens? Does it fly away and move on to another flower or is there a spike in the rotation of wind turbines in the British Isles. Learn data science today and enter a world where we work to create order out of chaos that will blow you away!

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Cognitive Class RP0101EN

3. Data Science for Business

If a trend is identified using big data, how can it be applied to solving complex day-to-day problems? Are there implications of using this data? This learning path addresses the principles of data science to explore data privacy, regression analysis, text analytics, data visualization and predictive modeling to promote topical awareness.

Additional courses and learning paths are also available on Cognitive Class.

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