Northeastern University’s Master’s of Professional Studies in Analytics program is designed to meet the data demands of employers while providing an end-to-end analytics education for employees. While enrolling in this degree program, students will establish confidence in their abilities to master analytics at the intersection between business and technology. Through experiential learning opportunities, students will gain a full appreciation for the true power of analytics.

IBM is one of Northeastern University’s industry partners that has developed a set of open, self-paced online modules that address different aspects of data science. These modules offer a supplemental experience within the Master’s in Analytics curriculum.

Elective course: “Cognitive Class Analytics Technologies”

Northeastern University identified several IBM modules that allow students to develop a more operationally-meaningful understanding of the dealings of Big Data analytics. Together, these individual modules combine into one single elective course with the name:  ‘Cognitive Class Analytics Technologies’. These modules require approximately 30 hours to complete, and include:

Assessment: Students that earn an average of 85% or higher in the ‘Cognitive Class Analytic Technologies’ competency modules will be awarded with 1 elective course (totaling 3 credits) advanced standing within the MPS in Analytics program at Northeastern University and an expedited enrollment process. Students must take each of the required modules listed below in any order to receive credit towards their master’s degree.

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Required modules for “Cognitive Class Analytics Technologies”:


Additional topics:

Additionally, students wishing to learn or brush up on certain topics may take any other IBM modules that are offered on this website; these modules are not considered part of the elective towards advanced standing to the MPS in Analytics program of Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies.

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