Text Analytics

Most of the world's data is not stored in neat rows and columns, but is hidden in plain text. This learning path will teach you about Information Extraction: how to automatically extract structured information from plain text such that it can be processed by machines. You will also learn how to tackle Information Extraction using a tool called SystemT.


Text Analytics is an integral part of  Natural Language Processing (NLP). This learning path introduces you to Text Analytics, specifically the process of extracting information out of unstructured text. Once extracted out of unstructured text, information can be used as part of your machine learning and artificial intelligence pipelines.  There is an introductory course and a more advanced course both focused on Information Extraction.

Come along and start your journey to receiving the following badges: Text Analytics – Level 1, Text Analytics – Level 2.


Text Analytics 101 (Coming Soon)

Effort: 9 Hours
Level: Beginner
Available in: English
About the course

From social media to news articles to machine logs, text data is everywhere. Are you interested in learning how to derive valuable insights from text data? Enroll today and learn about the hot topic of text analytics from experts at IBM.

Text Analytics at Scale (ARCHIVED)

Effort: 3 Hours
Level: Advanced
Available in: English
About the course

Are you interested in text analytics at scale? Do you want to understand how modern text analytics systems handle big data ? Enroll today to learn from experts at IBM everything you need to know about modern declarative text analytics systems.

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