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Enhancing Applications with Embeddable AI

Understand the power of AI and how it can be integrated into everyday tasks, leveraging the latest AI tools to make your work more efficient and productive.

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4 Guided Projects

About this Learning Path

Are you ready to transform your applications with AI? Complete the projects in the "Enhancing Applications with Embeddable AI" learning path to get practical skills for taking your applications to the next level with Embeddable AI technology. Don't worry, you don't need to be an AI engineer, Data Scientist or even a professional programmer to get your applications to benefit from the latest in AI technology. Basic programming skills are all you will need to complete the projects on this learning journey. These projects are not only practical but will guide you step by step to achieving your goal. You may be surprised just how easy it is to embed AI into your applications.
Throughout this journey, you'll have the opportunity to create applications using: OpenAI and IBM Watson. With hands-on learning, you'll discover how to integrate technology like Text-to-Speech, Speech-to-Text, and Natural Language Process (NLP) into your own applications.
With OpenAI, you'll build a personal assistant to simplify your work and make your life easier, getting a real feel for the power of AI. While, with IBM Watson, you'll learn about using different NLP techniques and how to integrate these technologies into your own applications.
You'll also analyze brand sentiment on social media by creating a Browser Extension, getting insights into what people are saying about your brand. Moreover, you'll have the chance to build a Virtual Customer Service agent and use Emotional Analysis to understand how people feel about your products.
These projects will teach you not only how to build AI-powered applications but also how to deploy them into a serverless environment powered by the IBM Cloud® Code Engine. With IBM Cloud Code Engine scale-to-zero capability you can have your application available to the world, often at no charge.
At the end of this journey, you'll be an AI powerhouse, with a deep understanding of how to integrate AI into your work and make data-driven decisions using both OpenAI and IBM Watson. Don't miss out on this chance to become an AI expert and take your applications to new heights! Join us now!
Average Course Rating

4.5 out of 5

Skills You Will Learn

Python, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, JavaScript, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots, Model Deployment, Browser Extension, Scripting, Embeddable AI, Express, Text-to-Speech, Speech-To-Text, Application Development, Web Development, AI Application

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  • Create a Voice Assistant with OpenAI's GPT-3 and IBM Watson
    Beginner Guided Project Chatbot

    Create a Voice Assistant with OpenAI's GPT-3 and IBM Watson

    Create your own voice assistant using OpenAI's advanced language processing technology and IBM Watson Embeddable AI. Your assistant will be able to understand and respond to your questions and requests in real time, using voice utilizing text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities. By the end of the guided project, you'll have a fully functional AI-powered voice assistant to help you with whatever questions you have, anytime, anywhere.

    (1.39k+ Reviews)
    7.75k+ Enrolled
    1 Hour
  • Build a Brand Sentiment Analysis Extension for Twitter
    Beginner Guided Project Web Development

    Build a Brand Sentiment Analysis Extension for Twitter

    Are you a Twitter enthusiast who wants to quickly see the tweets' sentiment on your timeline? Or maybe you’re an organization and want to understand the sentiment behind your brand. Whatever the reason, this lab will show you how to create a simple browser extension that performs sentiment analysis on Twitter posts and displays the results in an easy-to-consume format.

    (199 Reviews)
    923 Enrolled
    2 Hours
  • Improve Customer Support with AI-powered Voice Services
    Intermediate Guided Project Artificial Intelligence

    Improve Customer Support with AI-powered Voice Services

    In this guided project, you will create a voice-enabled pizza-ordering application using embeddable AI and deploy it with Flask. Learn how to use Flask to deploy machine-learning models, allowing anyone to interact with them through an intuitive user interface and see the results for themselves. Don't let the challenge of training AI hold you back - our cutting-edge embeddable AI libraries can be seamlessly integrated into your enterprise applications.

    (220 Reviews)
    1.11k+ Enrolled
    50 Minutes
  • How do people feel about a product? Use AI to get the answer
    Intermediate Guided Project Artificial Intelligence

    How do people feel about a product? Use AI to get the answer

    Natural language processing (NLP) is an exciting machine learning application; IBM's Watson NLP library can greatly ease the development and deployment of NLP as part of your application. Amazon's 5-star rating system lacks feedback for both users and buyers. What about using NLP for helpful information? In this project, we will develop an application to classify Amazon users' emotions using Watson NLP. After conducting this project, developers will know how to build a web scraping, emotion classification embedded application.

    (135 Reviews)
    727 Enrolled
    1 Hour

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