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Hadoop Administration

So how do you control an elephant? In this context, with your mouse and a bit of patience you can install, configure and administer a Hadoop cluster. Be the envy of Zookeepers, and contribute to open source projects such as Sqoop, Flume, Oozie, and more!

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About this Learning Path

A zookeeper must keep the animals in check from the start to the end. As an administrator of infrastructures you will too. This learning path is designed to keep you ahead of the game, providing the skills you need to interact, manipulate and trouble shoot, all the while keeping your cool. Come along and start your journey to receiving the following badges: Hadoop Administration – Level 1 and Hadoop Administration – Level 2.

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Hadoop Administration - Level 2

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Hadoop Administration Courses
  • Controlling Hadoop Jobs using Oozie
    Beginner Course Big Data

    Controlling Hadoop Jobs using Oozie

    This Apache Oozie course teaches you how to control Hadoop jobs on your Big Data projects.

    1.51k+ Enrolled
    6 Hours
  • Developing Distributed Applications Using ZooKeeper
    Beginner Course Big Data

    Developing Distributed Applications Using ZooKeeper

    In this course, you will explore the ZooKeeper framework in tandem with IBM BigInsights modules and Java to learn how to develop and manage distributed applications in the domain of Big Data. Real-world examples will be used to contextualize and motivate further study.

    (23 Reviews)
    520 Enrolled
    4 Hours
  • Solr 101
    Beginner Course Big Data

    Solr 101

    This course teaches you the basics of how to use Solr. Solr (pronounced "solar") is an open source enterprise search platform, written in Java, from the Apache Lucene project.

    (30 Reviews)
    568 Enrolled
    3 Hours
  • Moving Data into Hadoop

    Moving Data into Hadoop

    This course describes techniques for moving data into Hadoop. There are a variety of ways to get data into Hadoop from simple Hadoop shell commands to more sophisticated processes. Several techniques are presented but three, Sqoop, Flume, and Data Click are covered in greater detail.

    28.6k+ Enrolled
    4 Hours

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