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Big Data with IBM

Learn how to manage Big Data and get insight from it with IBM’s Big Data tools. You will learn how to store, mange and access data using technologies such as Hadoop and Spark as implemented by the IBM BigInsights product.

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About this Learning Path

Big Data is data that’s too large to handle with traditional methods. This poses new challenges when it comes to storing, manipulating, retrieving, and analyzing Big Data. Starting with a course on the fundamentals of Big Data, you’ll learn Big Data with IBM’s suite of products, as well as other open source tools. Leveraging these tools and techniques, you’ll be able to handle Big Data and gain crucial insight from it. Note: You will receive badges for completing some of the courses, as listed below, but we are not yet offering a badge for completion of this learning path.

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Big Dat IBM Courses
  • Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive

    Accessing Hadoop Data Using Hive

    Hive is a data warehousing tool built on top of Hadoop. Learn how to easily query and analyze your Big Data projects with this free Apache Hive course.

    (1 Review)
    26.4k+ Enrolled
  • Big Data 101
    Beginner Course Big Data

    Big Data 101

    How big is big and why does big matter and what does Apache Hadoop have to do with it? In this course you will see the Big Data big picture and you will learn the terminology used in Big Data discussions.

    (4.55k+ Reviews)
    44.2k+ Enrolled
    3 Hours

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