Building Cloud Native and Multicloud Applications

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    Jan. 13, 2021
  • Estimated Effort
    9 hours


In this course, we will cover the core concepts and practices of building and running Cloud Native applications and how to run these applications in a multicloud environment. We will cover technologies and practices including; microservices, DevOps, CI/CD, Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift.


After completing this course you will be able to: 

  • Understand the core principles and practice of building Cloud Native applications 
  • How to modernize existing applications to be Cloud Native 
  • How to deconstruct and monolithic application in a microservice architecture 
  • Build and deploy containers to a Kubernetes cluster 
  • Understand the guiding principles and benefits of a CI/CD pipeline 
  • How to build a CI/CD pipeline  
  • The benefits of adopting a hybrid-cloud and multicloud architectures 


Module 1: Cloud Native and Multicloud Concepts and Goals 

  • Course Welcome Video
  • Module Introduction & Learning Objectives
  • What is Cloud Native
  • What are Cloud Native Applications?
  • Achieving Agility
  • Maximizing Operability with DevOps
  • Ensuring Observability for DevSecOps
  • Increasing Resiliency
  • Module Summary
  • Practice Quiz
  • Graded Quiz

Module 2: Migrating Apps to Advantage Cloud Infrastructure

  • Module Introduction & Learning Objectives
  • Considerations and benefits of adopting Cloud Native
  • Paths for Application Modernization
  • Application Migration using Containers
  • Data Migration to Cloud
  • Demo: Application Migration Planning
  • Demo: Data Migration (Aspera on IBM Cloud)
  • Lab
  • Module Summary
  • Practice Quiz
  • Graded Quiz

Module 3: Modernizing applications to be CN

  • Module Introduction & Learning Objectives
  • What is Architectural Modernization and its Benefits?
  • Adopting a Microservices Architecture
  • Reactive programming with Serverless
  • Why are Containers so important?
  • Leveraging Container Orchestration Platforms
  • Using the IBM Garage Method to Modernize
  • Demo: Using the IBM Garage Method to Modernize
  • Managing Cloud Native Applications on Kubernetes
  • Module Summary
  • Practice Quiz
  • Graded Quiz

Module 4: Applying CI/CD to CN applications

  • Module Introduction & Learning Objectives
  • What are the Benefits of employing CI/CD
  • Automating Validation
  • Configuring Infrastructure using GitOps
  • Improving Observability through CI/CD
  • Building and Deploying to the Cloud
  • Demo: IBM Toolchains (IBM Cloud with Tekton)
  • Building Pipelines with Tekton
  • Module Summary
  • Practice Quiz
  • Graded Quiz

Module 5: Managing Applications in Multicloud Deployments

  • Module Introduction & Learning Objectives
  • Understanding HC, MC, and Hybrid MC
  • What is MCM and its use cases?
  • What are the capabilities of MCM?
  • Utilizing Hybrid Cloud Platforms to enable MCM
  • Automating MC apps
  • Demo: Cloud Pak for MultiCloud Manager
  • Exploring the OpenShift Advanced Web Console
  • Module Summary
  • Practice Quiz
  • Graded Quiz

Module 6: Final Exam

  • Final Exam


  • This course is free.
  • It is self-paced.
  • It can be taken at any time.


A basic familiarity with cloud concepts and modern development practices is recommended. For the hands-on labs, an IBM Cloud account will be required as well as basic familiarity with command-line interfaces.  


  • None