Apply end to end security to a cloud application

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    April 26, 2019
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About This Course

No application architecture is complete without a clear understanding of potential security risks and how to protect against such threats. Application data is a critical resource which can not be lost, compromised or stolen. Additionally, data should be protected at rest and in transit through encryption techniques. Encrypting data at rest protects information from disclosure even when it is lost or stolen. Encrypting data in transit (e.g. over the Internet) through methods such as HTTPS, SSL, and TLS prevents eavesdropping and so called man-in-the-middle attacks.

Authenticating and authorizing users' access to specific resources is another common requirement for many applications. Different authentication schemes may need to be supported: customers and suppliers using social identities, partners from cloud-hosted directories, and employees from an organization’s identity provider.

This mini course walks you through key security services available in the IBM Cloud™ catalog and how to use them together. An application that provides file sharing will put security concepts into practice.

This mini course requires a non-Lite account and may incur costs. Use the Pricing Calculator to generate a cost estimate based on your projected usage.