New year, more interest in Data Science!

Yesterday (Jan 19th, 2016) we held our first meetup in Toronto.  What a great start! More than 130 people attended, and more than 135 people watched the live stream!.  If our first meetup is good indication… Read more

Analyze Social Media Data in Real Time

Co-authored by Saeed Aghabozorgi and Polong Lin.   This is a brief tutorial on using Spark Streaming to analyze social media data in real time. Do you want to know what people are tweeting about… Read more

Data Science Meets Politics

When Chris McCoy started Data4America, he had one mission, to bring the power and potential of big data to making American politics and its policy making processes more transparent and easier to understand. Read more

BioMetrix: Big Data For Athletes

It all started when one of the Founders of BioMetrix received a career-ending injury. Ivonna & her co-founder Gabby, were frustrated by the fact that Gabby’s career was cut short due to injury. It’s a frustration… Read more

Join Our Canadian Data Science Meetups

BDU is quickly becoming more than just a website. It’s a movement that’s bringing cutting edge technology education to countless people around the world. This year, with the support of IBM, we are heavily investing in… Read more

So You Want to Data Science?

BDU is a provider of free courses on big data, data science, and analytics. In this article Polong Lin, data scientist at IBM, recommends a progression of BDU courses you can take to learn data science. Read more

Hello, Big Data World!

Welcome to BDU’s brand new blog. It is customary for programmers to begin learning a new language by writing a “Hello, World!” program. In this instance, the world that we’ll be exploring on this blog… Read more