Join Our Canadian Data Science Meetups

Posted on October 08, 2020 by Jacky Tea

Join Our Canadian Data Science Meetups

Posted on November 2, 2015 by Antonio Cangiano

BDU is quickly becoming more than just a website. It’s a movement that’s bringing cutting edge technology education to countless people around the world.

This year, with the support of IBM, we are heavily investing in taking BDU on the road to create communities of big data experts and data scientists through meetups.

Canadian Data Science Meetups

Most of our team lives in Canada, so we started in our own (huge) backyard, with the creation of four Canadian data science meetups. At the moment you can join the following meetups:

This week we’re holding a pivotal event in each of these cities, as you can see from our events page. The event is going to be a practical introduction to Data Science and Watson Analytics (in which we also discuss our partnership with the UN). It’s a great opportunity to get started in Data Science.

The key dates for these events are:

Okay, so technically the last one is in the USA, not in Canada. 🙂 Here is the deal. We are starting with Canada, but we don’t want to stop there. We fully intend to create meetups around the world. However in order to do so, we’ll need the help of ambassadors, which can be companies, professors, or even students that are passionate about data science and analytics, and who wish to help us grow a local community of data science enthusiasts.

More details about the ambassador program will be provided at a later date. Meanwhile, if you are seriously interested, live in a big city, and think you can bring a hundred or more people in a room to geek out about data science, please get in touch.

Now, you might wonder what’s the deal with the three Vancouver events. They are the same event, just held in three different locations on different days. The event on the 3rd that’s being held at UBC is likely to be the most popular (based on RSVP numbers), so we’ve decided to invite a panel of data scientists (who will not be there on the 4th or 5th.)

If you can’t make it, or don’t live anywhere near our Canadian data science meetups, you can always watch our livestreams or their recordings (where provided). You will miss out on the pizza and pop though. 🙂

We are going to be having new events all the time. Thus joining your local BDU meetup is the best way to be notified of new events in your area. I also recommend subscribing to this blog (see sidebar), and checking the events page from time-to-time.

Antonio Cangiano is a Software Developer and AI Advocate at IBM and the author of Technical Blogging (2nd Edition): Amplify your influence. He is passionate about the craft of programming, AI, online marketing, and entrepreneurship. Keep in touch by reading his programming blog and by following him on Twitter.

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