BDU China initiatives

Posted on October 08, 2020 by Jacky Tea

BDU China initiatives

Posted on September 28, 2016 by Raul Chong


Every time I travel to China, I can’t stop thinking that the entire population of Canada probably fits in a single Chinese city!  To serve such large population Chinese officials, professionals, and workers are used to doing things fast. Really fast.  From the moment I applied for my Chinese visa to checking-in at airports in China, I’m often amazed at the speed and efficiency in which they operate. Technological advances and adoption have followed the same pace. AliPay or WeChat Pay have gone mainstream in China for some time, while Apple Pay in the west is yet to take off.

With such great and vibrant population we could not have done something small to relaunch BDU in China. On September 3rd and 4th BDU sponsored the CDA (Certified Data Analyst) Summit in Beijing, China with an attendance of more than 3000 data analysts, data scientists, data engineers, bdu-cda-summit-pic-3students and academia.  The event put BDU in the minds and hearts of the community we want to reach. There were 6,382 people registered to the event, of which 3,221 checked-in, and others watched online.  We participated in the keynote, a panel, and 4 breakout sessions.


  • “Great opportunities ahead for Data Scientists” by Yan Yong Ji (Y.Y) – Director, Analytics Platform Services on Cloud, IBM China Development Lab (CDL).
  • “BDU initiatives in China” by me (Raul F. Chong)


This was a mixed panel (not just mixed bdu-cda-summit-pic-2backgrounds but also languages!), with the theme being: “Getting started with Data Science”. I was honored to be the moderator and to have my colleagues Saeed Aghabozorgi (BDU Chief Data Scientist), and Henry Zeng (IBM China Senior Data and Solutions Architect), with me on stage along with four other panelists representing the industry, academia, and startup companies. We managed to cover interesting questions in English and Chinese (live translation) from comparing the Chinese with the US data science outlook, to clarifying the distinction between the terms “Data Analyst”, “Data Scientist”, and “Data Engineer”. 

Breakout sessions:

  • Smarter Traffic (Henry Zeng)
  • Data science: Competition to beat humans (Saeed Aghabozorgi)
  • Data science: Methodology, tools and skills (Saeed Aghabozorgi)
  • Data science: From university to BDU (Saeed Aghabozorgi)

The team also participated in media interviews, and had a booth were flyers and small gifts were provided.



At the event, the following announcements were made:

With WeChat dominating social media and communication in China, we focused on launching and promoting our WeChat official BDU Account. While at the conference, this newly created account grew to more than 1000 subscribers!  If you have not yet done it, please subscribe!:

BDU WeChat QRCode
Video recording is available here:
I’m looking forward to continued collaboration with our existing BDU Ambassadors, and new partnerships for the rest of the year and 2017!