Data Analysis with Python

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This badge is earned after successfully completing all course activities and passing the test of the following Cognitive Class course:

Data Analysis with Python

Data Analysis with Python

In this course, you will learn how to analyze data in Python using multi-dimensional arrays in numpy, manipulate DataFrames in pandas, use SciPy library of mathematical routines, and perform machine learning using scikit-learn! You will learn how to perform data analytics in Python using these popular Python libraries and you will do it using hands-on labs using real Python tools like Jupyter notebook in JupyterLab.

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Why earn this badge?

This badge earner understands the essential steps necessary to analyze data in Python using multi-dimensional arrays, manipulating DataFrames in pandas, using SciPy library of mathematical routines and performing machine learning using scikit-learn. This includes hands-on demonstration using Jupyter notebook in JupyterLab Python tools.

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