Big Data Foundations - Level 1

Big Data Foundations – Level 1

How to earn this badge

This badge is earned after successfully completing all course activities and passing the test of the following Cognitive Class course:

What is Big Data?

Big Data 101

How big is big and why does big matter and what does Apache Hadoop have to do with it? In this course you will see the Big Data big picture and you will learn the terminology used in Big Data discussions.

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Why earn this badge?

This badge attests that the following skills have been obtained by the holder:
  • A basic understanding of Big Data concepts and their applications to gain insight for providing better service to customers.
  • Understands that Big Data should be processed on a platform that can handle the variety, velocity, and the volume of data by using components that require integration and data governance.

What’s next?

Complete the BDU Big Data Fundamentals learning path to obtain the Big Data Foundations - Level 2 badge or work towards other BDU learning paths and badges.  
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